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Tree Leaf Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Burner

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Generally, people usually think that yoga is only asanas, few people know much about supporting products of yoga. Actually, In the process of practicing yoga, Incense and fragrance is a very necessary auxiliary partner.

Incense is a wonderful stuff. It brings any kind of natrual fragrance to any reinforced concrete spaces. Burning an organic incense cone with mixed plants scent, close eyes, you will seems to be in the forest... Use incense to create a "natural" environment for yourself, which can easily make your Yoga practice gets twice the result with half the effort.

A backflow incense burner is different from general incense holders: in addition to burning and volatiling the scent of the incense cone, a backflow incense burner can also create a scene that would make you calm down quickly - the incense smoke is no longer ordinary upwards, but It's backflow and slowly pours down. Watching the incense smog flowing downwards rhythmically then forming a gas gathering at the bottom, the whole amazing Zen scene will make you feel relax unconsciously!

This is a leaf-shaped waterfall incense burner, the part of the leaf is dark green, and the lower part of the backflow incense burner is dark brown where the smoke gathers. At first glance, it's a leaf-shaped ornament, not be too glaring but fits well in any decoration styles of your office, yoga room, meditation room, living room, etc.

* 100% Hand Crafted ceramic incense holder that made by skilled craftsmen with time and love. 

Size: 11.5cm (length) *9.5cm(width) *19.5cm(height)

Weight: 550g

The leaf incense cones holder can be widely used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel..., etc.

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