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Buddha Incense Burner - with Cute Lotus

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Waterfall backflow incense burner is ideal for meditation, yoga or relaxation, as well as a great gift for family and best friends.

Whether you are a Buddhist or not, this handmade Buddha incense burner with its exquisite workmanship and advanced color matching, there is no doubt that it can be used as a good-taste display of ornament, perfectly matches to any style of your home decoration.

Each time you want to find peace of mind or have a relax, light up an incense cone of your favorite scent, place it on the top of the backflow incense fountain. Just 10 seconds, the incense smog will flow backwards to form a waterfall-like smoke scenery. You will be attracted by this unusually backflow incense, and you would throw all tension and unpleasant away when you watch the wonderful and mysterious scenes, and your stress and nervous emotion had been refreshed unconsciously.

* The buddha incense burner is ceramic, 100% handmade by skilled craftsmen with strict process.

* Easy to clean: Rinse the incense burner with boiling water, then dry with a dry cloth. Just that simple.

* This buddha waterfall incense fountain can be used with incense cones and incense sticks simultaneously.

Size: 15.5cm (length) *15.5cm(width)*16cm(height)

Weight: 465g

The cones holder can be widely used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel,etc.

* We also recommend you to have the organic incense cones from natural plants with different fragrance provided by Pure Layouts. 

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