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The Ultimate Guide To Use Backflow Incense Cones
The Ultimate Guide To Use Backflow Incense Cones
In this era of rapid development of science and technology, people are always busy with work, life, leading to heavy pressure in daily life. So, how can that heavy anxiety be reduced? Backflow incense cone is the answer for them.

To help you better understand backflow incense cones, as well as how to use and preserve them, “The ultimate guide to use backflow incense cones” will provide in-depth details about incense cones, how to use them when combined with a backflow incense burner, or incense fountain to help you attract more luck and positive things in life.

1. What is backflow incense?

As called the name, backflow incense is famous for its mysterious backflow smoke image. Backflow incense can be made in 2 shapes: cone and stick. It has a small tunnel, hollow in the center, and ends with a hole at the bottom. 

When burning, the smoke from burning incense creates a flowing, white smoke like a natural waterfall.

Normally, according to physics, when an object is burned, it will create a stream of smoke that rises into the air. However, a special feature of backflow incense is that the flow of smoke will flow backward.

Why is that so?

To answer this, we will base on the structure of backflow incense sticks/cones. They can be made of Agarwood, Wormwood, or osmanthus powder, etc so that these powders can create the natural scent of incense cones. Because these contain a large amount of essential oil, when burning, the essential oil also follows the smoke that radiates to the outside. At that time, the smoke will be heavier than the air. This makes its smoke white like fog and flows downhill.

Besides, the smoke flows down thanks to the unique design of the upper grooves in the incense cones. Backflow incense cones have a small hole in the middle of the bottom base. Therefore, when the top of the incense burns, the smoke will pass through the hole under the incense cone and escape in a certain direction. This prevents the smoke from spreading out and forming a stream.

In addition, the backflow incense burner is a widely used item today because incense is used in worship, serving spiritual beliefs. Moreover, a backflow incense burner is used to steam the house, which is beneficial for health and has a high feng shui value. Among them, it is impossible not to mention backflow incense cones. This is one of the most popular items right now. It is used in conjunction with the backflow incense burner to create a very beautiful effect thanks to the falling of smoke.

2. What are backflow incense cones?

Backflow incense cone is a product manufactured with natural herbs as the main ingredients. Specifically, the dried herbs will be pureed and then finely ground. Then people will combine fine powder, along with completely natural materials to form a mixture with a certain viscosity.

Finally, the artisans will shape this mixture into small blocks. There are conical forms or lotus forms. Backflow incense cones are named because they are shaped in tiny cones. The incense cone has a conical shape that is larger than a thumb. Backflow incense cones are mainly used in inhalation. They are used together with an incense fountain or put in porcelain urns.

These backflow incense cones have many usages. The first is used to steam and purify the house. When opening a new office, moving to a new place, backflow incense cones help to purify the space.

Backflow incense cone is a companion of Zen masters in the process of enlightenment. So, business owners often use it to prosper their workplace. Besides, backflow incense cone is very good for health.

Backflow incense cones are often used in conjunction with backflow incense burner. The backflow incense burner is produced entirely by hand. From the raw materials of ceramics and especially with the presence of backflow incense cones through the hands of craftsmen, the backflow incense burner was born with many special meaningful shapes in terms of spirituality.

So, when you want to learn about this masterpiece of handicrafts, in addition to the familiar ceramics, you cannot ignore the traceability of the special raw materials that make up the backflow incense smoke - incense cones with various natural scents: green tea, jasmine, agarwood, rose, lavender, sandalwood, and so on. Every scent of incense cone has different benefits for users, which I would like to mention in part 4.

3. What is the difference between incense cones and backflow cones?

Backflow incense is designed to be hollow, drill a hole in the bottom of the incense so that the incense cone when burning can push the smoke to the bottom of the incense cone. Because when burning the top of the lotus bud, the fragrant smoke containing the essential oil heavier than the air, pushing through the vent hole at the bottom of the backflow incense cones.

Therefore, when the top of the incense burns, the smoke will pass through the hole under the backflow incense cones and escape in a certain direction. This makes the smoke stream not spread out and form a stream without flying straight up like when inhaling the pyramidal incense cones in the incense burner, or incense plate. Thus, the special structure of the backflow incense cone and the reverse smoke tower is the explanation for the problem of why the smoke flows back down.

With incense cone, there is almost no significant difference compared to backflow incense; except that its base has no holes, is thickened. When burning, the traditional incense smoke will fly high and the effective time of the incense cone will be longer than the backflow incense cones.

4. Is backflow incense better?

Backflow incense is better than other traditional incense because of several special features. Backflow incense cone can soothe aches and pains, supporting peace of mind, calm the mind. It's highly recommended for people with long-term insomnia and often under pressure and stress at work. Backflow incense cone's benefits can be listed as follows.

Backflow incense cones for health


The smoke stream brings many uses. According to Oriental medicine, the backflow incense cone has been considered a precious medicinal herb. Therefore, the smoke of backflow incense cone has many health benefits. People use incense cones not only to enjoy the natural scent. More than that, this is very healthy.

The backflow incense cone helps circulate blood in the body, keeping the body warm. Besides, it helps to clear the mind and relieve stress. The scent also helps you sleep deeper. Each different scent of backflow incense cones will have specific health effects as below.

Agarwood in backflow incense cones has the effect of helping to replenish yang, tonic kidneys, and support the function of the spleen. This is considered the original scent of incense cones, which is also the type that Eastern people use most often. Agarwood is considered an extremely rare wood species because of its special aroma, stimulating all your senses.

In addition, this scent is known as the scent of antiquity, representing the sacred and noble. Agarwood in Oriental medicine is a rare and precious medicinal herb to treat all kinds of diseases such as colds, stomachaches. For those who are weak in body, sick for a long time, Agarwood helps to replenish blood, increase vitality, and recover health. The scent of agarwood can kill mold and bacteria in the air. Therefore, agarwood backflow incense burner will bring fresh air, energizing health for people.

Agarwood also supports the activity of the heart, strengthens the heart, helps digestion, effectively treats diarrhea and vomiting. In particular, asthmatic cases of shortness of breath use bass very effectively.

Green tea: The scent of green tea will help you relax and be at peace. Green tea has long been praised for its health benefits for humans due to its high content of antioxidants and polyphenols.

Rose Natural: The scent of roses is the scent of love and warmth. Flavonoids present in roses can fight depression and cardiovascular diseases.

Lavender Incense Cones: This is the most loved scent in the world. Its pleasant scent helps the user relieve stress, promote good sleep, and soothe flatulence.

Sandalwood Incense Cones: The warm scent of sandalwood is also very effective in relaxing and relieving muscle pain.

Asiatic Wormwood Incense Cones: In traditional Chinese medicine, wormwood is considered a medicinal plant with antibacterial, antiviral, and immune-boosting properties. With a special aroma, Asiatic wormwood incense has the effect of repelling mosquitoes and evil spirits in the house.

Osmanthus Incense Cones: Osmanthus is described as having a sweet smell. similar in intensity to fruits such as apricots or peaches. This is also a popular flower in China used to make essential oils. The scent of Osmanthus is useful to freshen the air in the home and soothe emotions.

Jasmine Incense Cones: Liked to be the queen of flowers, jasmine is favored for its pleasant scent. The pure, light scent of jasmine has a sedative effect and helps sleep better.

Improves Asthma

Research shows that compounds of backflow incense cones can block the production of leukotrienes, which are responsible for causing bronchial muscles to contract in asthma. Backflow incense cone also has an effect on Th2 cytokines, a trigger for inflammation and excessive mucus production in people with asthma.

Mental health (supports meditation and yoga)

When used with a fountain/ holder/ incense burner, the incense smoke after burning will gather, dissolve slowly and flow down like a waterfall, creating a highlight and bring a sense of relaxation to the user. Backflow incense cones are often used to help relax, meditate, purify the mind, or use during the tea ceremony, or meditation.

The essential oil in the backflow incense cone is non-toxic; no irritation or side effects; everyone can use it. Backflow incense cone is mild, especially when burned, it will bring an aroma that cannot be mixed with any other fragrance. The natural ingredients contained in the backflow incense cone can give you a sense of peace; relieve stress and fatigue.

The scent is what is most likely to reach the nervous system quickly. The microscopic molecules in deep smoke will directly reach the part of the brain that controls memory and emotions. Moreover, the faint aroma of the backflow incense cone also improves your sleep, helping you fall asleep more easily.

Backflow incense cones for daily life

Preventing mold

Some backflow incense cone such as Green Tea, Asiatic wormwood, Agarwood, and Lavender contains Mangiferin, Terpenoids, Curcurbitacin compounds - antioxidant, antibacterial, sterilizing ingredients. So backflow incense cone also can disinfect and purify the air, so it is used to fight mold and eliminate odors.

Home decoration

In addition to the above effects, when combined with the incense fountain or backflow incense burner, the backflow incense cone is a perfect decoration for your home. 

When burning incense cones, their smoke is heavier than air, so it goes back to the ground. This creates a waterfall that is identical to the natural fountain, they flow according to the waterfall created by the craftsman. There are many different shapes of backflow incense burner such as teapot, lotus flower, rockery, etc. The smoke of incense exudes into a real unreal smoke and the irresistible fragrance of carefully mixed natural materials creates for everyone a peaceful space.

Backflow incense cones for feng shui and spirituality

In addition to improving health and spiritual nourishment, the backflow incense burner has great meaning in feng shui. Completely handmade with ceramic and natural materials, the backflow incense burner has a feng shui meaning thanks to its special fragrance from incense cone.

It is a handicraft product that works by the principle of flowing smoke of herb (ie, the phenomenon of smoke backflow because when burning, incense smoke is heavier than air). It is this uniqueness that the craftsmen have taken advantage of to make a special backflow incense burner. Incense smoke flows downwards in the same shape as a fountain in nature. This is considered a good feng shui sign. It means to help gather prosperity to increase fortune and luck for the owner.

Thanks to the great energy brought to the living environment, the backflow incense cone has long been famous as the "King of the feng shui masters". Therefore, since ancient times, people know how to burn agarwood, sandalwood, and Asiatic wormwood as raw materials to exorcise evil spirits or drive away bad things. This explains why backflow incense burners are often displayed in the living room, office to increase prosperity.

The scent of backflow incense cone is said to have the ability to remove unclean air. At the same time, it helps the space it exists to become purified. In addition, it also has the effect of maintaining the balance of feng shui energy.

5. Are there different types of incense cones?

There are 2 types of incense cones: the backflow incense cone and the typical incense cone.

As explained in part 2, the backflow incense cone has a hole in the middle to create a path for the smoke to go down, creating a beautiful backflow of smoke. The backflow incense cone is shaped like a lotus bud.

The typical incense cone is also shaped like a long cone and is more pointed than the backflow incense cone, and it has no core. This type is usually placed on a plate and burned like ordinary incense.

6 How do you use backflow incense cones?

Backflow incense cone is often used in combination with backflow incense burner to create a waterfall-like smoke, here we will show you how to use burner:

Step 1: Hold the incense cone with your hand or the tweezer.
Step 2: Using a match, or lighter, light the cone of the backflow incense cone. Make sure the incense cone ignites with a small flame.
Step 3: Turn off the flame or remnants of the flame.
Step 4: Check the incense top. If you see it's a little pink glow and smoke is coming from the bottom, it's lit properly. If you are not sure, leave the incense for a minute and check again. If there are no embers and smoke comes out from the bottom, repeat steps 1 - 3 above. There are some cases where the backflow incense cones are damp and cannot be burned; you should replace the incense cone with another one.
Step 5: Put it in the incense holder. Make sure the hole below the incense burner aligns with the base of the incense cone

To maximize the effect of the backflow incense cone, this item should be placed in the most visible places in the house. Because after a day of work, our spirits are often exhausted, seeing the first incense smoke after returning home will be a source of comfort and have the effect of improving each person's declining spirit. 

When displaying the waterfall of frankincense smoke indoors, the smartest choice would be in formal places such as in the living room, or locations facing directly outside.

If only used to decorate the house, you should choose bright places that attract attention such as drinking tables, study tables, desks, etc.

To create fanciful and floating smoke of the backflow incense burner, you should use high-quality incense with quality standards. In particular, backflow incense cones need to be stored in a cool, dry place, avoiding contact with water, moisture, and too strong light because these factors can all affect the quality of the smell and the burning ability of the cones. 

Also, the waterfall must be cleaned with a damp cloth after each use so as not to affect the aroma of the incense cone for the next burning.

Special Note:
* Keep your incense away from curtains and flammable items
* Make sure you keep it out of reach of children and pets
* If you are pregnant, consult your doctor before use

7 Can you use backflow incense cones on a regular burner?

If you use backflow incense cones on a regular incense burner, it will work like a typical incense cone. So the answer is that you can use them as a normal incense cone.

8. How long do backflow incense cones burn?

The burning time of backflow incense cones depends on their size and quality.

A small incense cone can burn for 8-10 minutes, and the big one has a burning time of 25-30 minutes. However, with lower quality incense cones, it may burn faster and smoke more.

9. Why does backflow incense smell bad?

There are 4 factors that can affect the scent quality of backflow incense cones.

The first is due to your improper storage. If you leave the incense in places with high humidity or strong light exposure, it is likely that the incense cones will be moldy and cannot burn. Therefore, you need to make sure your backflow incense cones are placed in a cool, dry place, away from water and direct light.

The second is due to the quality of incense cones. Usually, high-quality incense cones exude a light scent, while low-quality products will have a strong odor because it contains too many chemicals. So, make sure to buy backflow incense cones that are made from organic materials.

Thirdly, you put different types of incense cones together. This results in the aromas being mixed, which can create an unpleasant odor when burned. To avoid such a situation, I recommend that you store each incense cone separately.

Finally, because the backflow incense burner is not clean; the old smoke still retains and mixes with other odors. This will create an unpurified and refined scent, negatively affecting your experience.

10. How to clean backflow incense fountain after cones burned?

With its unique beauty and uses, the backflow incense fountain is often displayed by many people in spaces such as the reception room, reception, tea table, or desk. It not only helps decorate more beautifully, but they are also considered an effective solution to help people welcome good fortune, welcome luck, and avoid evil.

However, after a period of use, if not properly cleaned and maintained, the backflow incense fountain will be easily dirty, dusty and will lose its beauty for a long time as well as reduce the life of the backflow incense fountain.

Steps to clean the backflow incense fountain after use:

Step 1: wait for about 5 minutes until the burnt incense cones cool down completely

Step 2: remove the cone ash from the incense cone tray

Step 3: there are 2 ways to clean the smoke waterfall

The first method:

Use 90-degree alcohol spray on the stain, then use a soft cloth to wipe gently, the dirt will follow the towel to go out. Your backflow incense fountain will be clean again.

The second method:

If using method 1 but still getting dirty, mix soap with water, drop the incense fountain in and use a soft brush to scrub the stain. Stains will be cleaned with soap and water and flowed out. With a little ingenuity and meticulousness, the incense smoke waterfall will look as bright and beautiful as new.

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