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Incense Burner - Lotus Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

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In traditional Buddhism culture, A lotus flower symbolizes the change from mess to purity, and is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, freedom, and immortality.

The Benefits Of Using A Backflow Incense Burner

Lotus Incense waterfall is a beautiful decoration piece that can be displayed on shelf, table ,meditation table altar, mantel or zen garden, that allows you to burn your favourite backflow cones for creating a peaceful and  mysterious Zen scenery. 

All you need to do is light up the incense cone and put on top of the waterfall incense fountain, the backflow smoke will be floating down like a waterfall, plus the soft fragrance will help calm your emotions and relieve anxiety and fatigue. So as to improve your sleep and maintain youthful vitality.

Besides, Backflow incense burner is the best partner for meditation, yoga, aromatherapy. Just less than half a minute, a waterfall incense creates a peaceful and pleasant atmosphere, which will help you get rid of all external distractions and return to the original inner world, and you will be able to quickly enter a state of relaxation.

* 100% Handmade by skilled craftsman.

This backflow incense burner can be used both with incense cones and incense sticks.

* We also recommend you to have the organic incense cones from natural plants with different fragrance provided by Pure Layouts. 

Size: 15.5cm (length) *12cm(width)*10.5cm(height)

Weight: 455g

Easy to use

Ignite the top of the incense cone, put it on the top hole of incense holder, that's it.

Easy to clean

Rinse the incense burner with boiling water, then dry with a dry cloth. Yes, Just that simple.

How to Create A Relaxed and Pleasant Atmosphere with Incense Holders ?

Choose a flat, windless place, such as a table or nightstand, and make sure that no air flows through, such as air conditioning or fans.

Ignite the sharp portion of the top of the incense cone about 3-4 mm and observe if the smoke is flowing from the bottom hole.

Align the hole at the bottom of the incense cone with the hole at the top of the incense holder for optimum flue gas flow.

What Do You Need to Pay Attention to When Using Incense Holders ?

ONLY backflow incense cones can make reflow effect. DO NOT use continuously, because the high temperature of the hole after using will affect the smoke reflow effect.

After the incense cone burns, the aroma will fill the room in just a few moments. DO NOT get too close to the burning incense cone, and DO NOT inhale the smoke generated by the incense cone burning, which may make you feel uncomfortable.

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