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The Ultimate Guide to a Backflow Incense Burner
The Ultimate Guide to a Backflow Incense Burner

What is a backflow incense burner? A backflow incense burner is a symbolic, elegant handmade home decor used to burn incense. It’s called backflow since smoke goes downwards instead of rising like normal smoke.

Backflow incense burners symbolize many things like luck, peace within, hope, and more, depending on your beliefs and culture. To some people, it is all about the fantastic designs and the trans effect the smoke puts you in. Whatever the reason having a backflow incense burner is a fantastic experience and a beautiful decor.

What to Look Out for Before You Buy an Incense Burner?

Getting the wrong incense burner is a bummer. Incense burners are a big part of your aromatherapy; purchasing the wrong incense burner might spoil your Zen and put you in an awful mood. Before you pick out a backflow incense burner, establish some of the characters given below:

· The type of incense: One does not work without the other; picking the right kind of incense cone for the right backflow burner goes a long way to establish a perfect aromatherapy session.

· Smoke flow type: This is a crucial feature when purchasing backflow incense burners. When you are looking for something that releases an intense smoke flow, consider trying a cone-type burner.

· Design: Backflow incense burners come in many artistic designs; some are even customized to your liking. When choosing a burner, pick something that stands out for you; there are many common designs ranging from waterfalls to dragons on mountains. Ensure you choose a design that matches where you are going to place it. Incense burners are not region-specific; You can have one in the house, office, your place of worship, or even in your car.

· Feng Shui: Feng shui is the science behind aromas; choosing the right fragrance to cleanse your body, spirit, and surroundings is crucial. Feng shui creates a calmness when burning flavored incense that uplifts your spirits.

· Safety and material: To burn incense, you have to use fire, so you will have to pick something with minimal heat but can hold fire to burn the incense to produce smoke. The material of the incense burner must be heat resistant to prevent fire hazards. There is a wide scoop of material to choose from, including bamboo, wood, iron, ceramic, and more.

How to use backflow incense burner?

Incense burners come in two standard styles: Incense sticks and cone-type incense. In this section, we will guide you on how you can use incense sticks appropriately:

Put your incense stick in a suitable burner of your choosing, place it properly where it can collect the ash that falls.

* Light the end until a red flame is achieved and allow it to burn for a short time about (10 seconds) for it to be appropriately lit.

Blow the flame to extinguish the flame and allow the smoke to start.

Note: Pregnant women should seek medical guidance before using incense burners. Some pets, like dogs, are highly sensitive to incense burns. Make sure to allow ventilation into your room to keep your pets safe and calm.

How to Use a Back Flow Incense Burner Correctly?

Incense waterfall burners allow the corn to burn while the smoke goes downward to the designed burner. Using an incense waterfall, also named incense fountain is relatively easy. It's not rocket science. The steps below will guide you on how to use incense fountains properly:

1. Take the cone and hold the bottom side, which should be the thicker end of the cone. You can hold it with your hand, chopsticks, or a pair of forceps. If you use your bare hands, make sure you wash your hands with soap after you're done. 

2. Light the top part (slightly narrower part) of the cone using a lighter until smoke starts coming out of the bottom side.

3. Properly pace the cone so that the bottom hole of the cone matches the hole on the backflow incense burner. Wait for a short time and observe that the backflow of smoke is working correctly.

How Incense Backflow Incense Burners Work?

A backflow incense burner is a uniquely designed incense burning tool. People consider this a form of art; that is why most incense fountains are handmade to give them a more artistic, unique design.

The cone is saturated with high a content of essential oils, making the smoke denser than air, which is a cruel play on physics and gravity since hot air should rise. All Jokes aside, the smoke pushes downwards against the air as it is directed through the smoke vent of the Incense fountain.

The smoke flows downwards to the fountain as required by the design of the incense burner, creating a stream that looks like a waterfall or fountain hence the name Incense fountain or backflow incense waterfall.

How to Clean Your Backflow Incense Burner After Use?

Cleaning a backflow incense burn is easy since the ash stays in place. Sometimes essential oils from the cone drip, smearing the fountain's walls making it dirty, and after a while, the oils drip to collect on the bottom.

If you let the collected oils stay for a long while, they produce awful smells that would disrupt your aromatherapy. Don't fear; the tips provided below will guide you to clean and maintain your incense fountain.

Heat some water to a moderate temperature, warm enough to dip your fingers in.

-  Pour the water into another bucket, add 1/3 cup of ammonia or vinegar, and mix the mixture evenly.

-  Soak a piece of sponge or cloth in the mixture and squeeze out excess liquid. Start by wiping the position where the cone rests on unblocking the smoke vent if clogged by ash or essential oils.

-  Rinse the sponge and wipe again, tracing the path of the smoke down to the bottom where essential oils have been collected. Ensure you wipe thoroughly to clean up the stuck dirt and leave your incense fountain looking spick and spun.

-  Alternatively, you can immerse the whole backflow burner in the mixture and clean it out with a piece of the sponge while it's submerged. Immerse it into the same mix in a different bucket and let it sit for a while, about 2 minutes, then take it out, rinse and dry it.

Note: Washing your backflow incense burner with cold water will not do the trick. You need hot water to melt the essential oils to make it easier to wash your backflow incense burner.

Why Won’t My Backflow Incense Burner Work?

There are many reasons why your backflow incense burner doesn't work, and it's either an issue with the cone or the burner.

Wet cone

The cones having essential oils do not necessarily mean they are dumb. The essential oils are dried in the cone, so the cone should be dry; however, cones can easily absorb moisture, so you should avoid storing your cones in dry areas. A wet cone will not light up, and if it does, it will produce an unpleasant scent. You can fix this issue of dampness by blowing it with a hairdryer.

You haven’t placed the cone properly

Another reason your backflow incense burner might not work is the misalignment of the hole of the cone and the incense fountain's hole. If you don't align the holes properly, the smoke won't have space to escape. Check to see if the hole is properly aligned or if the holes are blocked before placing your cone.

Sufficient oxygen or windy 

We all know burning gases use oxygen to burn. If everything else is okay and your cone is still not burning, it’s probably due to insufficient oxygen levels to keep the flame lit. Place your incense fountain in a room with proper ventilation but not too much that may diffuse the flame instead of it flowing downwards.

Essential oils cling to the outside.

Since oils are dried in the cone, the essential oils can drip out and cling to the surface if exposed to excessive heat during storage or transportation. You can fix this simple issue by drying the cone with a piece of tissue; instead of going through the trouble of drying your cones every time, why not store them in moderate-temperature rooms.

Give it time

Sometimes all you got to do, is give the cone enough time to burn and produce enough smoke to flow through the vent of the burner. About a minute is enough for the smoke effect to work; patience has a magical effect before which problems and obstacles vanish.


We have provided you with practical ways to use and maintain your backflow incense burner. Reading this article will ensure that you can purchase and use an incense burner effectively. We hope that you will find this article helpful in your journey to Zen.

Aromatherapy is a journey to one's soul and spirits; why not start this journey in style by purchasing a custom-designed backflow incense burner. Good luck!

Posted by Ourfilters on Sep 28th , 2021

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