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Things You Would Like to Know about Palo Santo Burner
Things You Would Like to Know about Palo Santo Burner

If you've ever picked a sweet citrus scent wafting in the air, chances are that it's Palo Santo. This wood is now gaining mainstream popularity as people tap into the amazing benefits. In this post, we'll discuss everything you need to know about the Palo Santo burner, the healing benefits, and how often to burn it. 

What is Palo Santo?

Palo Santo is a "holy wood" native to Peru. It has been used for thousands of years for medicinal purposes. Some see it as a beauty with deep spiritual significance. Others say the tree is native to the Amazon rain forest but later extended to countries such as Venezuela, Ecuador, and Colombia.

According to researchers, this mystical tree is closely related to Myrrh, Frankincense, and copal. It belongs to the citrus family and that's why it gives pleasant notes of lemon, mint, and pine.

Those who harvest the trees have discovered that there are male and female Pale Santo trees. The female trees are solid and heavy, while the male ones are hollow and fragile. The shamans treat this tree as a living entity.

What does burning Palo Santo do?

Burning Palo Santo offers many medicinal and therapeutic benefits like:

Healing: Palo Santo exhibits amazing healing properties. It's traditionally used to treat colds, flu, headaches, asthma, and anxiety. In addition to that, it is used in aromatherapy to cleanse the body. Sometimes, it's added on soaps, body lotions, and scrubs.

According to experts, smudging a stick releases neurotransmitters like serotonin or dopamine, which stimulate the release of endorphins. While clinical studies on Palo Santo are limited, this wood is rich in antioxidants and offers many anti-inflammatory benefits.

Supports the nervous system: This wood has a calming effect on the immune system - this helps in fast recovery from illnesses.


The wood of the saints: Many years ago, the Spanish saints discovered that you can use this wood for healing and cleansing capabilities - it's also naturally aromatic. No wonder some call it the wood of the saints.


Helps in the digestion: Palo Santo works as a natural digestive aid. It's believed that the same compound that eliminates bugs can ease stomach discomfort. According to science, d-limonene helps to relieve nausea, bloating, and cramping. It's worth mentioning that the same compound is found in cannabis and citrus peels.


Wards off bugs: Palo Santo works as a natural insect repellent. So, the next time you want to entertain people on your patio, you should leave the stick smoldering nearby. The sharp fragrance keeps gnats, flies, and mosquitos away. You can try burning your Palo Santo on your porch to drive the bugs out.


Treat the symptoms of minor illness: Palo Santo works the same as menthol and camphor. The smoke can treat minor illnesses like sinus congestion and nausea. However, you should avoid breathing the nose too closely - this can irritate the throat and nose. Not to mention, you shouldn't use it as a substitute unless you're advised to do so by a qualified physician.


Prevent some types of cancer: Some studies suggest that the holy wood can be used to prevent many types of cancers. The healing benefit is associated with the presence of limonene. Generally speaking, limonene suppresses the production of nitric acid, which plays a key role in inducing inflammation. Furthermore, Palo Santo also has some antioxidant effect that keeps the free radicals away.


Cleansing benefits: Palo Santo is used in house cleansings and spiritual energy. Once you burn the wood sticks, you restore the tranquility and bring a sense of calmness. The fragrance is not only uplifting but enhances creativity.

If you're cleaning multiple places, you may need to relight the wood several times (every 30 minutes).

If you want to create a morning ritual with Palo Santo, you should arise in the morning with an intention. Then, light the candles and let the sticks burn for a few minutes. Next, sit quietly for 10-15 minutes. Stretch your arms, neck, and back. That way, you can start your day feeling fresh and relaxed.

After cleansing, you should place the burning stick in a fireproof bowl.

Relaxation benefits: If you burn a stick of Palo Santo before meditating, you'll feel relaxed and connected. Once you burn the sticks, the sweet citrusy smell changes the inside of the room. If you want to shake off the holiday smell, you can write a Palo Santo stick in your mediation.

To get all the relaxation benefits, you should ignite the Palo Santo stick with a candle. Allow it to burn for 30 minutes and then blow it out. You'll see a stream of smoke rising in the air. After that, you can place the stick at the incense holder and move it around the house. You can focus on every corner of the room and any other place with stagnant energy.

At times, you may experience some discomfort. If this happens, don't get discouraged. Keep going with this until you realize the benefits. With time, you'll love the irresistible aroma that is often described as stronger.

Palo Santo eases stress and triggers relaxation to promote a good night's sleep. You can also cut sticks into shavings and place them in the drawer.


Attracts positive energy: Palo Santo attracts positive energy and eliminates negative one. Once the energy powers enter the negative field, they clear the negative thoughts that bring misfortunes. The woods oil helps to cleanse the space and enhances concentration.

If you want to eliminate the negative energy, you should begin with a clear intention. Focus on your mind, and then light the Palo Santo stick. Once you see a flame, keep it on for a few minutes and then blow it out. That way, only the smoke is produced. After that, wave the wood to spread the smoke. You can guide the smoke near corners, doorways, and hallways. Avoid pouring water on the stick, as this will make it difficult to relight next time.

If you're looking for something to kill the bad vibes in your home office, Palo Sano is a sure bet.

Smudging Palo Santo can create a cathartic ritual: Rituals are a great way to decompress. The act of smudging in itself releases energy into the room. It also allows for the international or mindful release of energy. You can take a ritual to shift your attachment to unhelpful thoughts and emotions.

Interestingly, the benefits are realized when the tree dies naturally. This gives the oils enough time to fully mature before being processed into sticks or essential oils.

As the demand for Palo Santo continues to grow, some suppliers try to cut corners. Some harvest the tree early, while others sell the old stock that has dried more than it should. Since the benefits come from the natural oils trapped in the wood, Palo Santo should sit on the ground for at least five years. If you want to source authentic Palo Santo, there are a few things to keep in mind. And you can evaluate whether the wood is real or not.

Palo Santo has been used for centuries in ritual prayers by Shamans. It's known to give a focusing and grounding effect to enhance productivity.


Check the scent - While Palo Sano will always have a scent, you should make sure it's not that strong. Some suppliers get a bit crafty and apply the oil on the wood to bring out the scent of the original wood.


Check the smoke - When you burn an original Palo Sano, the smoke turns from black to white. If the smoke is black after you put out the flame, the wood is of low quality.


Oil rising on top of the wood - As the wood burns, you'll see some oils rise on the top of the wood. They may look glossy or can even drip slightly. If you don't see any oil dripping from the wood, chances are that it's fake.


Density - Palo Santo wood is denser than typical wood. However, you can cut it easily with a knife or chisel. You don't expect to snap large pieces with your bare hands.


Smell it - If you can smell Palo Santo when you place the wood on your nose, then it's authentic.

One thing that makes Palo Santo unique is that it's not associated with any side effects.


What does Palo Santo smell like?


The Smell of Palo Santo is described as lemony, piney, sweet, and woodsy. Some say it's a bit musky. The versatile scent goes well with myrrh and frankincense resin.

Palo Santo contains specific components like lycopene, terpenes, and a-terpinol. This is what gives the wood a sweet scent.

These delicate and woody characteristics can harmonize the spicy notes in perfumes. No wonder Palo Santo leaves a sweet and light fragrance.

When should you burn Palo Santo?

The ritualistic burning of Palo Santo can be traced back to 500 years ago. It is still used in Central and South America to cleanse spaces and keep insects away.

Burning Palo Santo sticks is a sacred practice that helps ward off spirits. Some communities call this smudging.

You can use Palo Santo after you've had visitors or friends in your house. It will clear the negative energies in your room, or you can use it to replace the traditional diffusers and air fresheners.

After you set an intention, you can decide how often to smudge Palo Santo. Many spiritual leaders advise the users to tap into the benefits every time they need them. For instance, you can decide to smudge for several reasons like managing stress or meditating. No matter the reason, you can enjoy the deep aroma and incredible healing benefits.

You can also burn a Palo Santo before you go to bed after a long day around people when you move to a new home, or after an argument. Some recommend that you use the wood before and after a healing session.


Here is the thing - there are no rules that dictate how often you should burn Palo Santo. Some do it as part of the daily ritual, while others do it occasionally.

Tips for you to choose your Palo Santo burner 

A modern Palo Santo burner features a minimalistic look and adds fragrance to your space. Here are a few tips to follow when choosing a quality Palo Santo burner.


An efficient burner means that you spend less on Palo Santo wood. You should invest in a burner with 70% or more energy efficiency. In addition to that, you should ensure that your burner is aesthetically sourced and works for the modern-day lifestyle.


You should choose a holder that can accommodate standard sticks. Most of them average 0.5 inches in diameter and feature a length of 4-6 inches. With this in mind, you should invest in a burner with at least one-inch diameter. If you have a stick that can't fit into the hole perfectly, you can shape the end.

Apart from that, you should make sure the burner keeps the ash in place. You can invest in a unit that holds the sticks inside and deep enough to prevent the ash from flying everywhere.

Hand made

There's something unique about a handmade Palo Santo burner. Most artisans create a piece that provides you with a unique and meaningful experience. The artisans ensure that the burner is exquisitely crafted to energize your home.

Safe and balanced

A Palo Santo burner should hold different sizes of Palo Santo sticks. It gets better if you find a burner that can hold the sticks at an angle. You want a holder that is beautifully crafted to gift your friends and relatives.


You should invest in a durable unit that will stand the test of time. The best holders feature solid metal construction and should be hard to tip over.

Besides that, you should ensure that the Palo Santo you buy is sustainably farmed. You may want to keep off from fake sellers who deep the wood into Santo oil for fragrance.

Wrap up

Palo Santo is not just like any other wellness trend. This holy wood has amazing healing benefits and enhances creativity. It has powerful therapeutic properties that help to uplift the mood. While a Palo Santo burner can be a beautiful way to clear your space, you should be mindful of the sanctity of the traditional use and where you buy.



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