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Dragon Incense Burners

What is dragon incense?

People familiar with incense should also know the dragon's blood incense, which is an incense type that is extracted from the dragon blood tree. Dragon's blood so-called Cinnabari is a tropical evergreen tree. When the bark is cut, there will be a bright red sap exuding; hence the name is given dragon's blood. As for dragon blood incense, it's more in the form of consumable incense cones and incense sticks. For the benefits of dragon blood incense, Please click and refer to our blog: All You Wanted to Know about Dragon Blood Incense Benefits.

However, when we talk about dragon incense, there is another more important meaning that should be mentioned: - dragon incense burner. To put it simply, their relationship is like candles and candlesticks. Dragon incense burners are corresponded to candlesticks, and dragon's blood incense is like One of the many scented candles.

This is a collection of dragon backflow incense burners, including a variety of lifelike magic dragon incense burners that are created around the element of dragon: soaring dragon, resting dragon, dragon playing with beads, relaxed, funny and so on. Combined with the luminous LED function, you can enjoy your favorite incense fragrance with the special foggy effect experience brought by the backflow incense burner no matter day or night, which allows you to quickly calm down and get renewed at anytime.