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LED Luminous Ball Dragon Incense Waterfall

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Quickly Find Your Peace of Mind With a Backflow Incense Burner

People enjoy incense more than just light up incense to smell fragrance, incense is now more and more used as a relaxing behavior: along with leisurely burning incense, you can enjoy meditation, yoga, and reading at the same time. In many cases, the flowing waterfall smog is really a pleasing viewing object, which can quickly enable you to find the peace of mind from the hustle and bustle world. So as to achieve decompression, relaxation and promote sleep.

* Exquisite Dragon Incense Burner and built-in LED with different light options.

In ancient myths and legends of East Asian countries, Dragon is usually symbolized of auspiciousness, as well as a symbol of luck and success.

When the incense cone is ignited and set on the top of incense holder, the backflow smoke pouring down like a waterfall surrounds the luminous beads, the changing color of the LED lights makes the entire incense burner more artistic and fantastic.

- This is a ceramic dragon incense burner, 100% Handmade by ingenious craftsmen with love and patience.

Pure Layouts® also provide incense cones with different natrual scents: Green Tea, Asiatic wormwood, Rose, Agarwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sandalwood. Click the incense cones here for more information.

Size: 19cm (length) *10cm(width) *20cm(height)

Weight: 670g

The dragom incense burner can be widely used in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel...etc.

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