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Cool Incense Burner - Dragon Skull LED Halloween Creepy Decoration

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This backflow incense burner is composed of two different elements: a skull and a dragon. When you light up a backflow incense cone and put on top of the dragon, the incense mist spit out from the dragon's mouth and slowly gathered in the skull's head. In a dark place, turn on the built-in LED lights of the incense fountain, Different colors of light come out from the skull's eyes and teeth, it looks like a cool smoking skull.

This waterfall skull incense burner is the COOLEST stuff for all kinds of creepy parties, and don't miss it for creating your unique Halloween Night! Take some skull incense burners and turn all the lights in the place off, let the LED lights of the skull incense holder to set up the most suitable creepy atmosphere of what you want. Plus your favorite scent along with the burning backflow incense cones, It must be an unforgettable party in a chamber space! Your friends will never forget this magical party!

Now Start your amazing and creepy party right away!

Size:10.6cm (length) *12cm(width)*16cm(height)
Weight: 375g

* This skull dragon incense cone burners can be placed in living room, bedroom, study room, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel...etc. It helps greatly to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress and improve sleep quality. 

100% Handmade Ceramic Incense Burner by skilled craftmen.

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