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All You Wanted to Know about Dragon Blood Incense Benefits
All You Wanted to Know about Dragon Blood Incense Benefits

Dragons blood incense, also known as Draconis Resina or Dragons Blood resin, is an alluring and exotic incense. As the name suggests, its fragrance is similar to that of dragons blood, which has a mix of resin and woody notes. Since ancient times, the scent has been used for many purposes - from magical rituals in Eastern Asia to creating perfumes and cosmetics throughout Europe. The resin is known for its important therapeutic use, specifically in the treatment of wounds.

It's also a vital ingredient to both Mami Wata and Voodoo, so it has an extensive history among many cultures. Today, Dragons Blood incense continues to be used by various ethnic groups from South America.


It's made from the sap of a common palm tree found in India called Dracaena cinnabar or Dragon's Blood Tree. The sap becomes a deep brown color when exposed to sunlight or heat, making it ideal for incense use. It's often used as part of recipes for cleansing and clearing, protection, invoking the elements, and removing negative energy.

The resin has long been regarded with awe for its mysterious powers. Dragons Blood is associated with deities like Baron Samedi (spirit of death). He uses the resin to enhance his ability to protect against enemies, ensure success in life and promote fertility. The resin can also be found in spells designed to draw money or love.

Dragons Blood incorporates well into almost any ritual work because of its protective properties that are known to ground you when you need it most. It's an excellent blend of several resins that come together harmoniously - making it one of my favorites.


Dragons Blood is used in ritual work, perfume creation, and natural medicine. The resin has been used for centuries to treat all kinds of wounds, including cuts, burns, scars, and stings, making it an excellent addition to your first aid kit! It's also thought to be helpful when dealing with respiratory problems like bronchitis, colds, or the flu because it's known for its expectorant properties. Dragons Blood can be found in many different fragrances that come complete with their unique healing benefits. Clove Dragon's Blood, for example, is particularly beneficial for treating respiratory issues like coughs and colds.

The dragons blood incense benefits include:

1) Emotional protection:

Dragons blood incense is often used to provide a shield of protection and strength against outside influences that can be disruptive or disempowering. The use of this fragrance encourages "closing the door" on negativity and replacing it with heartfelt emotions such as unconditional love, peace, and joy. Therefore, dragons blood incense has an incredibly supportive role in intuitive development practices such as meditation and channeling.

2) Remove negative energy :

When burned ceremoniously, the dragon's blood incense allows for an individual to appropriately decide what has outlived its purpose in their lives. Dragons Blood removes any type of unwanted influence from the mind/body/spirit complex, leaving space for new opportunities to come through by way of clarity.

3) Grounding and centering properties:

Grounding oneself is a crucial element for anyone who wishes to grow spiritually. Dragons Blood incense assists in this process by helping the user feel more securely established on their path while also encouraging them to "be present" with whatever they are experiencing at the moment.

4) Strong connection to nature:

Dragons Blood assists one in becoming attuned to nature's cycles, especially through awareness of the moon phases and other celestial events that impact the world around us. In addition, dragons blood carries vital energy from all living things making it a perfect aid for connecting with animal totems or plant devas during meditation, prayer, or spell work.

5) Strengthen fidelity:

Dragons blood is often considered to be the "marriage breaker." Engaging in any activity before allowing the dragon's blood to permeate the area can create uneasiness (even if you are normally attracted to this person). However, once the dragon's blood has been allowed time to cleanse and purify, it becomes an incredibly powerful aphrodisiac increasing the attraction between two individuals regardless of whether they engage in sexual activity or not.

6) Protection during spiritual/physical travels (astral projection, lucid dreaming, etc.):

A piece of dragons blood resin in your pocket or purse helps protect you during astral travel. When working with this incense to enhance your travels or stimulate lucid dreams, simply carry it with you when you meditate. Also, burning a small amount can help boost psychic powers and put you in touch with the angelic realm. Put a bit on top of lit charcoals and use tongs to handle it. Dragons blood resin is not intended for internal consumption.

7) Addiction Recovery Aid:

When burned in a fire-safe cauldron, dragons blood incense is said to break addictions of all kinds (physical, mental, spiritual, etc.) Dragons blood is often used for this purpose by those who wish to overcome any type of obsessive behavior such as gambling or overindulgence in food, sex, alcohol, etc.

8) Promote Fertility and Good Fortune in Life:

When burnt annually (especially during the full moon), Dragons Blood can help reverse energy that does not serve your highest good while encouraging prosperity throughout the year. Also, when burned during meditation, dragon's blood allows one to become aware of the energy that surrounds them at any given moment. This creates space for individuals to decide if they are open or closed to this influence and act accordingly.

9) Destroy negative influences and entities:

Dragons Blood incense is said to be able to clear negativity from your immediate environment by encouraging you "to see what isn't there anymore." Dragons Blood also helps one discern whether or not an entity is present to take the proper action.

10) Sexuality and attraction :

When burned ceremoniously, Dragons Blood incense can balance energies within the body, making it easier for two people (even strangers), connect on a deeper level. In addition to this, dragons blood incense is believed by many worldwide to aid in fertility and increase sexual potency.

11) Enhance psychic abilities :

Dragons Blood incense is a powerful tool when used during meditation. Dragons Blood helps ground one's attention at the lower chakra while stimulating the upper chakras into activity. This allows for increased clarity in dream work, astral projection, or other meditative/spiritual practices.

12) Enhance dream recall:

Dragons Blood incense can be burned before sleep to help encourage deeper, more vivid dreams that are easier to remember upon waking. The smoke from the dragon's blood encourages a clear state of mind while also offering protection during dream work.

13) Enhance creativity :

Dragons Blood incense is said to increase creativity by stimulating the heart chakra to see outside of themselves and inside their minds. Those seeking creative ways to manifest dreams into reality can benefit greatly from burning dragon's blood before they begin their project or endeavor.

14) Increase manifestation:

Dragons blood resin (Croton lechleri) has been used as a manifestation aid for centuries. Using it in ritual to increase luck, wealth, and prosperity is very common. It can be burned as incense during spells or rituals designed to draw abundance, even burnt as a fragrance during meditation or visualizations of success or money coming to you.

15) Anti-inflammatory:

Dragons blood contains antiseptic properties that have been used internally and externally to treat infections, ulcers, and other inflammatory conditions throughout the history of herbalism. Its anti-inflammatory action may help those people with arthritis or another rheumatic disease by relieving pain and stiffness from swollen joints. In alternative medicine, Drago's blood has also been prescribed to help reduce stomach inflammation, soothe irritated skin or gums and stop bleeding.

16) Antiseptic:

Dragons blood contains antiseptic properties that have been used internally and externally to treat infections, ulcers, and other inflammatory conditions throughout the history of herbalism. Its anti-inflammatory action may help those people with arthritis or another rheumatic disease by relieving pain and stiffness from swollen joints. In alternative medicine, Drago's blood has also been prescribed to help reduce stomach inflammation, soothe irritated skin or gums and stop bleeding.

17) Wound healing:

The wound-healing property makes dragon's blood a useful addition for any natural first aid kit. This resin is a traditional remedy for cuts, bruises, and skin problems of all kinds. Externally, it has been used to help reduce pain and promote quick healing of leg ulcers or other wounds that won't heal properly. It's also been given internally to treat ulcers and digestive problems associated with excess acidity.

18) Strengthen the immune system:

In recent years, scientists have tried to isolate dragons blood as a key active ingredient in ancient folk medicine as this resin contains several polysaccharides and many other components, including essential oils such as alpha-thujene beta-myrcene, eugenol, and caryophyllene oxide. These components were shown to stimulate lymphocytes (complementary proteins of the immune system) and the production of interleukin-2 (a protein made by lymphocytes), which help cells communicate with T cells.

19) Application of heat or ritual fires for purification:

Dragons blood has been widely used as incense in rituals that require a cleansing fire for spiritual purposes. Its smoke is often used to cleanse crystals, tarot cards, ritual tools, and other sacred objects before putting them away after a spell or working. It can also be burned during rituals designed to create a blockage against negative energy, stop gossip about you from spreading and protect you from harmful vibrations such as those found in some hospitals.

20) Combat nightmares:

When burned during a ritual before bedtime, dragon's blood will help combat nightmares by cleansing negative energy from your aura before they manifest into dreams while sleeping. This resin is believed to be particularly effective when combined with sandalwood and cedar as a sleep incense.

21) Enhance divination:

Dragons blood resin is frequently used during rituals to enhance divination tools such as crystal gazing, Tarot card reading, and other forms of scrying for wisdom and insight. This resin brings intuitive knowledge and promotes communication with the spirit world by drawing out negative energy before readings or spell work. Burn it at each corner of your home to keep family members safe from harm and promote good fortune for all who live there.

22) Stimulate psychic visions:

When burning a dragon's blood resin on an abalone shell, you can promote psychic visions by gazing into the rising smoke while concentrating on your question or problem. As you inhale its pungent aroma deeply from a cone of incense placed at a safe distance from your face, visualize all of your answers coming to you like a glimpse of the future.

23) Cleanse and clean energy:

An abalone shell is ideal for clearing away negative energy before divination or meditation with a dragon's blood resin. Burn this incense on a bed of sea salt to cleanse an area, including your body, aura, or ritual space, after it's been exposed to psychic attack or other forces that move against you. It will dispel all unwanted vibrations, leaving you feeling refreshed and restored afterward.

24) Anoint candles and crystals:

When combined with frankincense, dragons blood can be used to anoint candle and crystal points for magic spells such as those designed to remove negative energy or return it to where it came from. Mix this resin with sandalwood powders and sweep across the surface of your altar for purification, then add some on top of your protection runes while setting them in a circle around you before spell work begins.

25) Cleanse spiritual tools:

Dragons blood resin is useful for cleansing crystals such as amethyst, clear quartz, and smoky quartz by drawing out negative energy from them after they've been exposed to psychic attacks or healing practices involving other people's energy during sessions that last more than three hours. This resin will also remove any unwanted vibrational interference after your cleansing work is done.

26) Eliminate bad karma:

Dragons blood resin can be used to remove negative energy from an astrological birth chart during a ritual designed to eliminate the ill effects of karmic debt and bad luck between you and another person. This includes family members or friends whose lives have been affected by how their actions have affected yours, whether they meant to or not. As you choose a vial containing dragon's blood incense that corresponds with your astrological sign, hold it in both hands while imagining any negativity being drawn out into its surface before being burned away completely. Afterward, bury the spent resin outside in a remote location where nobody accidentally steps on it, or any animals disturb it.

27) Ease guilt and worry:

Dragons blood can be added to personal bath water for cleansing with its purifying powers when mixed with frankincense, myrrh, or patchouli oils before adding it to your tub. This is most effective when you're feeling weighed down by guilt over past actions that you know are wrong but feel unable to stop doing them. Burn dragons' blood resin at home after removing sharp objects from the area since this incense protects against accidents caused by negative forces.


Whatever your feelings about dragons blood may be, it's worth knowing that this is one effective ingredient for cleansing crystal points of any negative energy they've absorbed during ritual practice. It also makes an excellent offering or an ingredient when you need help with powerful spells designed to break karmic ties between you and another person, whether they were family members, friends, or enemies who affected your life in a harmful way without realizing what they're doing. Dragons blood is known as "the herb of sacrifice," just like frankincense and myrrh, but only you can decide whether to give it up for yourself, a loved one, or even an enemy.


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