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Incense Burner - LED Lotus Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

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Snatch a little leisure from busy life, light up an incense of your favorite scent to slow down the fast-paced life, relax your body and calm down your mind, to achieve a peaceful status of joy and tranquility. If you have this lotus backflow incense burner, things would be more amazing and wonderful:

Put the burning cone on a backflow incense burner, You will be surprised how fast it can silent your mind: the backflow incense smog descends from above slowly like a waterfall instead of flowing up as all smoke should be, Watching the Zen scene would take you into a magic fantasy world, by smelling your favorite scent of incense fragrance you will feel refreshed and relaxed. 

Built-in LED Lights Lotus Backflow Incense Burner 

Actually, Pure Layouts® had launched many types of backflow incense burners in the shape of lotus flowers. However, this lotus waterfall incense burner is still unique enough: with high end turquoise color for the whole outlooking, as well as the built-in LED with different light options. Turn on the light or turn off the light is completely depond on what you'd like!

* Hand Crafted & Beautiful Lotus Look: All ceramic incense holders are 100% hand crafted. 

Pure Layouts® also provide organic incense cones with different natrual scents, click here for more information.

Size: 14cm (length) *11.5cm(width)*9cm(height)

Weight: 405g

Backflow incense burner helps to purify the air, meditate and relax, relieve stress and improve sleep quality, and widely placed in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel...etc.

How to use?

1.Choose a flat and windless place, make sure that there is no breeze blowing through the burner. Tips: Keep away from windows, fans and air conditioners.
2.Ignite the top of the incense cone for about 3-4 mm, and observe whether there is smoke flowing out of the bottom hole.

3. Align the hole at the bottom of the incense cone with the hole at the top of the incense holder to achieve the best smoke effect.

How to clean:

Rinse the incense burner with boiling water, the stain on the incense burner will be removed, and then dry with a dry cloth.

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