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Incense Burner - Guilin Landscape Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

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This is a backflow incense burner with the theme of world-famous Guilin's landscape. If you 'd ever been to Guilin, this backflow incense burner will bring back your good memories of Guilin. If you have never been to Guilin, please allow us to warmly welcome you on behalf of Guilin.

Guilin's landscape is the best in the world - Unparalleled Karst landform

The landscape of Guilin is a typical landscape of the world-famous karst landform. 
The mountains here are uplifted on the flat ground, with various poses; the water of the Lijiang River is winding and clear as a mirror; the mountains are full of caves, and the caves are strange and magnificent; the caves are filled with strange rocks and magical craftsmanship. All of them are forming a world-famous Guilin that with "Green mountain, beautiful water, strange caves, graceful stone".

The Guilin landscape waterfall incense burner can be used with incense cone and incense stick simultaneously. Which means you can ignite a any scent incense cone and the other scent incense stick at a same time. Of course, You can even light up the same scent of incense cone and stick, to enable your favorite scent diffuse faster and more intensely in your space .

* This is a ceramic incense burner that 100% purely handmade by skilled craftsmen. with the exquisite workmanship and stylish colors, you can use it purely as a decorative element and place it anywhere to show your good taste. If you put the burning incense cone on top of the incense fountain, you will be so amazed to see how vivid and mysterious the scenery is, when the incense smog is pouring down and gathering.

Size: 19cm (length) *11.5cm(width)*12cm(height)

Weight: 475g

* The Guilin landscape waterfall incense cones holder is so elegant that you can place it in living room, bedroom, study, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel,etc as a graceful ornament, to display on a shelf, table ,meditation table altar, mantel or zen garden and enjoy freely your incense time happlily!

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