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Incense Burner - Ceramic Bottle Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

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Incense is a relaxing lifestyle, whether it is ancient or modern incense. Smelling the organic incense scents made directly from natural plants and woods is a wonderful thing. Escape from your busy daily life, a burning incense will take you to enjoy the beauty of tranquility and stability in the noisy world!

The greatest feature of a backflow incense burner is that it creates a scene that would make you calm down much faster - the incense smoke is no longer ordinary upwards, but It's backflow and slowly pours down. Watching the incense smog flowing downwards rhythmically and forming a gas gathering at the bottom, the whole mysterious Zen scene will make you feel relax unconsciously!

This is an exquisite and elegant bottle ceramic backflow incense burner with a beautiful colors and graceful curves, 100% handmade by ingenious craftsmen with love and patience. You can even use it purely as a creative decorative element in office, living room, bedroom, yoga room, meditation space...etc.

Wonderful Gift Choice: Waterfall incense burner is a great asscociate to enjoy incense, it helps to calm down your mind, refresh your mood and lift up your energy quickyly. For family or good friends who love incense, yoga, meditation and aromatherapy, a backflow incense burner is really  practical and perfect gift for special days such as Birthday, Annivesary, Christmas and New Year...

Size: 10.5cm (length) *10.5cm(width)*21cm(height)

Weight: 425g

* This elegant bottle backflow incense burner can be placed in living room, bedroom, study room, office, meditation room, yoga room, hotel...etc, It's portable so it's easy to move anywhere for you to enjoy your wonderful incense! 

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