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Sandalwood Incense Cones, 200 PCS

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Backflow Incense Cones - Sandalwood Natural Scent, 200 PCS included.

Pure Layouts also provide mix-scents incense cones with 200pcs and 8 natural plant fragrance contained, which includes Green Tea, Asiatic wormwood, Rose, Agarwood, Jasmine, Lavender, Osmanthus, Sandalwood. If you are new to backflow incense burner or incense cones scents, we recommend you to try the mix-scents at first. If you are a person who always love trying new stuffs, Just follow your heart.

Sandalwood has been valued in carving because of its dense character. However, not so many people known that sandalwood also has a warm, woody odor and is also commonly used as a fragrance in incense, cosmetics, perfumes, and soaps. Moreover, Sandalwood oil is used as a flavor for foods and beverages.

Sandalwood has the anti-bacterial trait and hence it's a secret beauty ingredient that is very beneficial for the skin. Sandalwood is also good for helping you to relax, relieving muscle pain, and helping you to think clearly. 

Ancient Tradition: Incense burning is an ancient tradition with a history of thousands of years. Now it is loved by many and has become a popular way to relax: We all need a fast way to discover the beauty and tranquility from the noisy world.

Relaxation and Decompression: When you return home from a whole day hard work, light up the incense cones and watch the incense mist flow down like a waterfall, the air is filled with fragrance, you will feel refreshed and happy, forgetting tiredness and worries.

Easy to Use: Put the burning incense cone in the top of the backflow incense burner, wait 10 seconds, you can see the beautiful smog slowly flowing down like a waterfall.

Special Gift: This incense cones is a perfect match to waterfall incense burner as a special gift for family and friends.

This is a incense cones set with sandalwood natural scent. All the backflow incense cones are truly organic without any chemical ingredient added.

Burning time of each incense cone is 8 -10 minutes.

What's included: 200pcs * sandalwood incense cones.

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