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Incense Burner - Lotus Flower Ceramic Backflow Waterfall Incense Holder

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The ancients used incense to worship and meditate. However, if explained from the perspective of Chinese traditional medicine, incense is a unique "odor therapy", because most of the raw materials used in making incense are woody or herbal aromatic plants, so the special smell emitted by the combustion can be benefit of functions of sterilization and disinfection, refreshing mind, health preservation and health care.

Whether you are busy or in your spare time, light up an incense you like to slow down the fast-paced life, relax your body and calm down your mind, to achieve a peaceful status of joy and tranquility.

This is an exquisite and elegant ceramic backflow incense burner with a vivid lotus appearance and graceful curvings. You can even purely use it as a perfect decorative element that matches to any style of your home furniture.

* 100% handmade by skilled craftsmen with time and patience.

* Light weight that easily place, store or move the position of the incense burner as you wish to enjoy your wonderful time anywhere: Office, yoga room, meditation room, living room...etc.

In traditional Buddhism culture, A lotus flower symbolizes the change from mess to purity, and is a symbol of spiritual enlightenment, freedom, and immortality. Surprised your family or best friends with Pure Layouts® lotus waterfall incense burner as a birthday gift, anniversary gift, christmas gift, new year's gift!

Size: 8.5cm (length) *9cm(width)*11cm(height)

Weight: 395g

Easy to use

Ignite the top of the incense cone, put it on the top hole of incense holder, that's it.

Easy to clean

Rinse the incense burner with boiling water, then dry with a dry cloth. Yes, Just that simple.

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